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MINE PLANNING (Scheduling and hauling resolution)

Optimal pit shell, automatic phase shells, programmed truck evaluation and automatic mine plans will be reached.

Lee (1984) “the planning phase offers the greatest opportunity to minimize the capital and operating costs of the ultimate project, while maximizing the operability and profitability of the venture. But the opposite is also true: no phase of the project contains the potential for instilling technical or fiscal disaster into a developing project, that is inherent in the planning phase…
At the start of the conceptual study there is relatively unlimited ability to influence the cost of the emerging project. As decisions are made, correctly or otherwise, during the balance of the planning phase, the opportunity to influence the cost of the job diminishes rapidly.
The ability to influence the cost of the project diminishes further as more decisions made during the design stage. At the end of the construction period there is essentially no opportunity to influence costs.”

What can Integrated Minero Suite® do for Mine Planning?

  • Scheduling for phases/plans and designs with grades and tonnages using constraints and targets will be achieved. For instance, equipment availability and capacities will be the inputs.
  • Hauling for weekly plans, monthly plans, phases and life of mine will be accomplished.
  • Provides key tools for quick and effective long-term planning and short-term planning with a friendly context menu for the planner.

    Why is Integrated Minero Suite® efficient for Mine Planning?

  • Smart Pit Designer® provides the cut and fill applications, which is the fastest available in the market. Similarly, Surface Designer® allows user to update instantly the topography.
  • Mining plans and actual topographies can be updated with the quickest and easiest technique.

  • In terms of computing time, the McLaughlin mineral deposit pit shell can be computed; including its topography with single slope angle of 45 degrees, all that is solved in 6 seconds, in a PC with the following characteristics CPU@2.50Ghz, RAM 12GB, and 64-bit.

​​How will Integrated Minero Suite® do mine planning?

  • Since Integrated Minero Suite® allows interaction with multiple block models in one session. Then, for example: an activity to work between the reserves block model and the short-term block model is automated.
  • Pit design will be created based upon pit shell. Similarly, phase design will be created following scheduled phase shells.
  • Mine plans creation and reporting, roads creation, and haul road profiles will complete the list of activities in mine planning.