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minero Suite®

The Minero software is called “The scientific, innovative, and logical mining software.”
The Minero software is created to audit and manage the Mine Reserves, Mine Planning, and Ore Control.
The Minero software is focused to integrate and automate the optimal pit, the pit design, mine plans, survey, ore control, and haulage functions.

Key mine engineering functions solved by the Minero software

Reserves Estimation & Long Term Planning & Strategic Planning
Short Term Planning
Ore Control 

Reserves Estimation

  • Life of Mine Evaluation
  • Multi-process Mining Project Evaluation
  • Environmental, Social, Operational, etc. Block Model Calculation 

Long Term Planning 

  •  Life of Mine Evaluation
  • Lerchs & Grossmann Algorithm
  • Optimal Pit selection and sensitivity analysis for open pit
  • Push back design, phases design and optimal pit design
  • Mine, dump, and haul estimation during LTP plans generations
  • Personalized grade tonnage reports

Short Term Planning 

  • Topography update
  • Short term block model
  • Monthly and weekly pit and dump plans including haulage estimation 
  • Mine and facility designs e.g., ramps, stocks, routes
  • Mining, drilling, and blasting plans
  • Reconciliation and grade tonnage reports

Ore Control

  • Pattern Design
  • Sampling Assays - Database Integration
  • Geologic Mapping
  • Geostatistics – Ordinary Kriging
  • Environmental, Metallurgical, and other models that impact the recovery equation
  • Mineral Classification – Ore and Waste Classification
  • Mining Polygons – Database Integration
  • Grade Tonnage Report