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RESERVES (life of mine evaluation)

Environmental, social, economic, and operational evaluation will be solved.

NI-43101 “Mineral reserves are resources know to be economically feasible for extraction”


What can Integrated Minero Suite® do for reserves estimation?

  • Plan Optimizer® and Block Model Creator® solve environmental, social, economic, operational and other reserve estimation parameters for life of mine evaluation.
  • For projects with more than one block model, Integrated Minero Suite® does not need multiple parameter files for each model. Just load them all at once in a single session and turn them on and off as needed on the object window. Similarly, vertical display offer flexibility to personalize the work in current and multiple benches to end users.
  • Its unique visualization mode for block models based on cursor radius enhances the interaction with large block models and frees computing memory for calculations.

Why is Integrated Minero Suite® efficient doing reserves estimation?

  • Integrated Minero Suite® handles multi-product and multi-process mining projects with a single, easy-to-use interface. It also allows to declare individual block model variables for mining costs, processing costs, recoveries, and royalties.
  • Quick learning curve for new users and minimal configuration time.
  • Integrated Minero Suite® counts with the fastest open pit ramp design algorithm available in the market.
  • In terms of computing time, the Marvin deposit with single slope angle is solved in 6 seconds and with rosettes in 9 seconds.

How will Integrated Minero Suite® do reserves?

  • Environmental, social, economic, operational parameters for revenue and costs evaluation will be gathered and entirely defined.
  • The topography and the block model of the mining deposit will be updated.
  • Then, Integrated Minero Suite® will solve the ultimate pit problem based on single or complex slopes parameters (variable by domain and azimuth), complex economic settings (multi-process and multi-product) and give users the pit shell as a polygon object directly into Minero graphic interface.